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A TIRZ is a financing tool to use future gains in taxes to pay for public improvements needed to make the gains happen. This allows the new growth to pay for itself.  In December of 2014 the City Council approved an ordinance creating Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) No. 1.  

Below, residents can find documents creating the TIRZ, the preliminary financing plans and resolutions naming the board.  

TIRZ Board of Directors:
John Planchard, Chairman, Position 3
Holly McClaren, Secretary, Position 1
Bill Walters, Position 2
John Gray, Position 4
Rick Moffatt, Position 5
Cleo Tarver,  Position 6
Andy Dubois, Vice Secretary, Position 7

Ordinance No. 66-2014-TIRZ Creation
Preliminary Financing Plan

Montgomery County Interlocal Agreement
Ordinance No. 25-2016-Amending TIRZ board and Deannexing Residential properties
Resolution No. 2016-07-Naming TIRZ  Board of Directors
TIRZ Boundary Map
Ordinance No. 24-2020 Amending Boundary
TIRZ Boundary Map (Amended by Ordinance No. 24-2020)
TIRZ, ORNDA, ORN TriParty Agreement
TIRZ, ORNDA, EDC Guaranty & Reimbursement Agreement


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