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Police Department

After Hours:
(281) 292-4642

24 Hour Dispatch

Tom Libby

Chief of Police

Ph: 281-292-4762
Fax: (281) 364-1350

Marcus Teske

Patrol Lieutenant

Ph: 281-292-4762
Fax: (281) 364-1350

Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Oak Ridge North Police Department is to enhance and promote the quality of life in the City of Oak Ridge North by working cooperatively with its citizens, business owners, and visitors to the City of Oak Ridge North. These qualities of life shall be enhanced within the framework of the U.S. Constitution, laws of the State of Texas, and the Ordinances of the City of Oak Ridge North by enforcing such laws, preserving the peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment.

It shall be the commitment of the Oak Ridge North Police Department to provide the quality of police services that the citizens, business owners and visitors expect and deserve. Every Officer of the Oak Ridge North Police Department is dedicated to providing and maintaining a safe environment and a high level of quality of life.

It shall be the commitment of each Oak Ridge North Police Department Officer to treat every citizen, business owner, and visitors with the highest regard of respect, dignity, and compassion.   All citizens, business owners, and visitors to the City of Oak Ridge North shall be treated equally regardless of that person’s sex, race, religion, color, creed or sexual orientation.

Core Values:

  1. Integrity:  We demonstrate through our individual action’s honesty, fairness and respect for others in our professional and personal lives.

  2. Respect:  We recognize the authority we possess, and we will treat others as we would like to be treated.

  3. Excellence:  We strive to be outstanding in everything we do, and we never settle for less.

  4. Accountability: We seek and accept responsibility for our actions, performance and outcome.

  5. Teamwork: We work closely with other agencies and entities to achieve common objectives.

  6. Courage:  We are dedicated to meeting all challenges with the courage needed to accomplish our mission.

  7. Dedication:  We are dedicated to the citizens of Oak Ridge North to provide the best law enforcement service that each citizen deserves and expects.

  8. Commitment:  We will display an unyielding, steadfast dedication to the challenge’s incumbent upon or public service mission for the citizens of Oak Ridge North.


Open Records Request:

To request a copy of a Police report, please contact the Police Administration at (281) 292-4643 or email us. 

Request a Vacation Check.
Forms should be emailed to

Animal Control

All animals kept within the corporate City limits of Oak Ridge North are required to be licensed. Running at large is prohibited, and pets are required to wear a collar or harness bearing a City license tag and current vaccination tag. This not only helps us prevent rabies; it also helps us return your pet to you if it gets lost. Information regarding animals may be found in Chapter 10 of the City of Oak Ridge North Code of Ordinances. The primary phone number for Montgomery County Animal Control is: 936-442-7738.

Lost Pets
If you have lost your pet and you believe that it may have been picked up by animal control, please visit the Montgomery County Animal Shelter website.

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