Tax Rates

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The City’s Property Tax Rate for 2022 is $.4248 per $100 of assessed value. Therefore, the owner of a $100,000 home would pay City property taxes of $424.80. These taxes are collected by Tammy J. McRae, Montgomery County Tax Assessor/Collector, through an inter-local agreement. 

The tax rate is broken down as follows: $.2979 for general maintenance and operations of the City, such as police protection, traffic control, street maintenance, parks and recreation, and general finance and administrative services, and $.1269 for repayment of debt service obligations. 

The sales and use tax rate for the City if 8.25%. The State of Texas receives 6.25% and the City receives 2% of this tax. Of this 2%, 1% is used to support general operations of the City while 1/2% goes to the Oak Ridge North Economic Development Corporation and is designated to make infrastructure improvements to attract economic development to the community and 1/2% is used to decrease the local property tax rate. 

The hotel occupancy tax rate for the City is 13%.  The State of Texas receives 6% and the City receives 7% of this tax.  The 7% the City receives is used to promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry within our area.
27424 Robinson Road
Oak Ridge North, Texas 77385
Main Line: 281-292-4648
Police (Office Hours M-F, 8am-5pm): 281-292-4762
Police (after hours): 281-292-4642
Police (after hours): 832-585-7031
Municipal Court: 281-292-8736
Municipal Court Fax: 281-364-7168
Public Works (after hours): 281-939-3341
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