Property Protection Measures

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Rather than wait for a flood to occur, you can act now to protect your property from flood damage. Various alternatives are available to help minimize flooding. If the floor level of your property or structure is lower than the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) located on the City's Flood insurance Rate map (FIRM), consider ways to prevent flooding from occurring such as retrofitting your building. "Retrofitting" means altering your building to eliminate or reduce flood damage.

Retrofitting measures include:
  • Elevating the building so that flood waters do not enter or reach any damageable portion of it, 
  • Constructing barriers out of fill or concrete between the building and flood waters, 
  • "Dry flooding" to make the building walls and floor watertight so water does not enter. 
  • "Wet floodproofing" to modify the structure and relocate the contents so that when flood waters enter the building there is little or no damage

There are several good references on retrofitting on file at City Hall. Many of these will inform you about retrofitting techniques and help you decide which is best for you. Concerned citizens and the general public can obtain information on flood protection assistance from The City of Oak Ridge North's Community Development Department at 281.292.4648. Flood Protection assistance provided by The City of Oak Ridge North is site-specific.

List of Services Provided: 
  • Provide materials on how to select a qualified contractor and what recourse citizens have if they are dissatisfied with the contractor's performance. 
  • Make site visits to review flooding, drainage and sewer problems and provide one-on-one advice to property owners. 
  • Provide advice and assistance on retrofitting techniques, such as elevating buildings above flood levels or the Base Flood Elevation (BFE), dry floodproofing, wet floodproofing and protecting basements from sewer backup. Also, information on the installation of barriers, levees, and floodwalls around individual buildings or structures is available.

Protecting Your Home and Property from Flood Damage

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