Advisory: Burglary of Motor Vehicles in ORN

From the Oak Ridge North Police Department:

From research on the number of BMV’s committed in Oak Ridge North since the beginning of this year. From 01/01/16 to today, 07/15/16, there have been 19 BMV’s in the City. Of those 19, which include the recent spate of 5 over a two day period (07/70/16 to 07/09/16), we have cleared 6. We are working on the most recent 5, in addition, to other cases.

Of those 19 BMV’s; only 6 have been committed in a business setting or parking lot.  Of those 6, only 4 have been committed off of the feeder road and those 4 were all in January and February. The other 2 were committed in the parking lot of Flips off of Robinson Road this past week.

The other 13 BMV’s have all been in the residential areas, i.e. driveways, and City streets in front of the victims homes.

To say this another way 15 of the 19 BMV’s have been a residential area, with the Robinson Road business park being partially surrounded by homes.

Of the 19 BMV’s, 4 have involved the breaking of a window, 2 have involved jamming a screwdriver into the door lock, and the remaining 13 have been in unlocked cars. We need to try and impress on our residents to lock their vehicles at all times, even if they are home during the day. It only takes seconds for someone to try a car door to see if it is unlocked. If the door is unlocked, any car alarm is therefore NOT activated. Residents could greatly assist the Police Department in helping to keep crime down in our City by locking their cars and homes at all times.

27424 Robinson Road
Oak Ridge North, Texas 77385
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Permits: 832-381-3301
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