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Court Appearances
On your citation will be a date when you are scheduled for an appearance. Extensions to this date are generally not given, but if circumstances arise, please contact the court in person so that we may evaluate your situation. 

Juveniles (under age 17) must have a parent or guardian present with them at all court appearances. 

At your court appearance you will make your plea before the judge and inform the court how you wish to handle the citation. 

A plea of Not Guilty means that you contest the charge(s) in your case, and the State must prove the charges against you. With this plea you will be given the opportunity to request either a bench trial or a jury trial. Your case will then be reset to the nearest trial date. 

A plea of No Contest means that you do not contest the State's charge(s), but you also do not wish to admit your guilt. 

A plea of Guilty means that you admit you committed the charge(s) for which you are accused and wish to pay the fine(s) assessed. 
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